MSI X-Slim X340
Wins "Hot Product Award" from U.K. reviewer Pocket-lint

【Taipei】MSI's X-Slim X340 ultra-slim aesthetic notebook triumphs again! Having won countless awards since its launch, the X-Slim X340 has now been rated 9/10 by the U.K. review website Pocket-lint and given the "Hot Product Award".

X340  X340

The Pocket-lint review notes that the X340 is slimmer and faster than the MacBook Air – and more importantly, available at a very reasonable price. Weighing in at just 1.3kg with the thickest part being still only 19.8mm, the sleek minimalist curves of the X340 and the ultra-thin battery means everything is discreetly hidden away and nothing looks out place.

The X340' I/O ports also left a strong impression. The reviewer noted that the ultra-thin X340 not only offered the usual I/O ports but also the unexpected inclusion of an integrated HDMI port for high-definition video output. An external Blu-Ray drive is also available as an option so it offers great multimedia support. Despite its slimness, the X340 broke with the convention that only an SSD will fit inside a slim notebook and instead comes with a high-capacity 320GB HDD for all your storage needs! Finally, the review concluded that the X340 offers the lightness of netbooks together with the 13.4" high quality screen and processing performance of conventional notebooks, making it fulfill most people's needs.