MSI Unveils NVIDIA® nForce2 Ultra 400 - based K7N2 Delta


MSI™, one of worldwide leader of motherboard and graphics card industry, today announces MSI™ K7N2 Delta Socket A motherboard based on NVIDIA® nForce2 Ultra 400 chipset that synchronized 400MHz FSB (Front Side Bus) and DDR memory, maximizing the performance of AMD platform. Supporting the latest AMD Athlon™ XP, Athlon™ and Duron™ processors (former known as Barton), and comes with 3 DIMM slots which support up to 3GB of DDR400 (PC3200), DDR333 (PC2700) and DDR266 (PC2100) SDRAM. Its Thermal Diode Circuit is specially designed for AMD® Athlon™ XP processors and protects the CPU from damage from overheating due to improper operation or cooling fan failure.

It's dual channel architecture doubles the memory bandwidth, can boost system and graphics performance, results in more productivity.

As a full-featured motherboard with the latest design for the highest performance, K7N2 Delta equips with the latest AGP 8x design with a maximum transfer rate of 2.1GB/sec for huge data transfer and calculation in multimedia to enhance image processing efficiency, and delivers onboard 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN controller, integrates APU (audio processing unit), and IEEE 1394 ports (Optional).

MSI™'s K7N2 Delta also follows "Color Management" as all new MSI™ motherboards. The Dual Bank of DDR Memory was indentified as Green and Purple individually. While the AGP slot in AGP 8x was flame-colored.

To enhance overall system performance, K7N2 Delta is Serial ATA ready (Optional), advanced users only need to install Serial ATA-compatible hard drives to enjoy super-speed data transfer at 150MB/sec, which is faster than ATA133 at 133MB/sec.

Moreover, the Serial ATA ribbon cable is thinner and longer to solve cooling problems inside the case and facilitate hard drive connection.

The 5.1 channel APU (optional) integrated to K7N2 Delta allows users who want quality sound effects to realize the home theater dream by simply connecting six speakers to the output. It is ideal for enjoying 3D games and DVDs.

Besides one AGP 8x slot, five standard PCI slots and one ACR slot, K7N2 Delta is delivered with Live Update™ 2 and Fuzzy Logic™ 4 utilities, which are exclusively designed by MSI™ for friendly operation and easy maintenance. Other exclusive MSI™ features that come with K7N2 Delta include:

Live Update™ 2:
it has integrated MSI™'s Live BIOS™, Live Driver™, Live VGA BIOS™, Live VGA Driver™ and Live Utility™ into one single utility for automatic BIOS and Driver updates. Advanced users may set the time for automatic BIOS, Driver and MSI™ Utility updates and receive the latest information about MSI™ products and activities to enjoy support from MSI™.

MSI™ DVD 5.1 channel (Optional):
it is MSI™'s exclusive software DVD player that supports Dolby 5.1 channel output and multilingual system (26 languages) for users to enjoy DVDs easily.

D-Bracket™ 2 (Optional):
This hardware monitoring device helps the user diagnose computer hardware problems from outside of the computer chassis, eliminating the trouble of having to open up the chassis every time. The D-Bracket™ 2 has a combination of 4 LED light signals that are either green or red, representing 16 different troubleshooting functions during boot up. The new D-Bracket™ 2 also includes two USB 2.0 ports.

With the optional SPDIF socket and the support of Optical Fiber and Coaxial cables, the S-Bracket brings you the best experience of 6-Channel surround sound.