• Special Membrane Switches with Mechanical Feel
  • 6-region RGB illumination with 8 amazing light effects, supports MSI Mystic light
  • Gaming Mode and Anti-ghosting Capability
  • Water Resistant (spill-proof)
  • Ergonomically Designed Wrist Rest

Gk40 GAMING keyboard FEATURES overview


Conquer the darkness

Multi-color LED backlight and adjustable brightness bring a different style and night-time functionality to your desktop.These dazzling colors help you to be victorious when fighting in the dark!

  • 6 region RGB illumination

  • 8 amazing light effects

  • 4 levels of LED brightness

  • 9 levels of effect speed

Personalize your keyboard with MSI Mystic Light

Easily change the outlook of keyboards by choosing from millions colors and multiple light effect via MSI Mystic Light. Let’s synchronize other RGB components and enjoy a stunning RGB show.


Mechanical-like Feel

Utilizing mechanical-like feel with replaceable keycaps, the Vigor GK40 GAMING KEYBOARD gives gamers an excellent responsive feeling with each keystroke, very close to a mechanical switch keyboard. This design supports a great gaming performance when concentrating on fighting against online opponents.

Multimedia Function Hotkeys

With the multimedia function hotkeys, gamers are able to easily control the volume or playback functions to enjoy gameplay without having to use a mouse to open any software.

Anti-Ghosting Capability

Especially for FPS or MMO game types, this keyboard has up to 20 Keys with anti-ghosting capabilities without any conflict during gaming.

Water Repellent

Being water repellent protects against accidentally spilled liquids.

Ergonomic Design

The integrated wrist rest design can fully support gamer’s wrist with a comfortable flat base when typing or gaming.

Gaming Mode Key

Easy way to lock windows key( Fn+F11 ), prevents accidental switching to the desktop during intense gaming.

MSI Center

Розумніший, швидший, зручніший

Ексклюзивне програмне забезпечення MSI Center MSI допомагає вам отримати максимум від периферійних пристроїв MSI. Увімкніть свій досвід у режимі реального часу лише за кілька кліків.

MSI Center
MSI Center
MSI Center
MSI Center
MSI Center
MSI Center


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