• 2x 50 mm drivers with Hi-Res certification guarantees the highest sound quality
  • 3.5 mm Headphone jack for both PC & mobile gaming
  • High Quality Speakers
  • Quick access to volume and microphone
  • Extra lightweight and Self-adjusting headband
  • Comes fully geared up with all accessories and carry pouch in the box




GH60 GAMING Headset Features Overview

  • 1. Solid Stainless Steel Design
  • 2. Swivel Ear Cups for Easy Carry
  • 3. Swappable Ear Pads
  • 4. Certified Hi-Res 50mm Driver Units
  • 5. Flexible Headband
  • 6. Retractable Microphone


MSI Immerse series Gaming headsets are designed to deliver the most immersive experience for gamers. Hear your opponents before you see them thanks to crystal clear positional audio or simply close your eyes and let your favorite music give you chills as you hear it in more detail than ever before.

Discover the essence of sound

The Hi-Res certification guarantees the highest possible sound quality when playing games, movies or music. Incredibly accurate and detailed sound reproduction ensures the best immersive experience and lets you enjoy audio like never before.


GH60 Remote

Convenient Control

The inline remote control lets you adjust the volume and mute the microphone when things get loud around you. Intuitive design, easy-peasy!

Comfort is Key

A comfortable fit is essential when gaming for several hours on end.

The Immerse GH60 come with the tried and trusted ergonomic suspension design which gently distributes the weight of the headset across your head while maintaining a secure fit to prevent unwanted movements.

A set of replaceable cloth ear cups is included to ensure a fresh fit whenever you feel like it.


Easy Carrying and Storage

The Immerse GH60’s swivel ear cups design makes it easy to store or carry around as it takes less space. A premium carrying pouch is included for additional comfort when taking the headset with you.


Equipped with a 3,5mm headphone jack, you can enjoy the Immerse GH60’s superior Hi-Res audio experience on mobile devices just as easy as on your PC. A Y-splitter cable is included with the headset to connect the headphones and microphone separately on PC’s.


Fully geared up

Included in the retail box is everything gamers need to fully enjoy the Immerse GH60 Gaming Headset: A set of leather and cloth ear pads, 3,5mm jack Y-splitter cable and a convenient premium carry pouch.


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