• Intel® Atom™ 230 1.6GHz CPU
•  Intel® 945GC +ICH7 chipset
• Support DDR2 553MHz SDRAM, SO-DIMM Memory
• 7.1 Channel HD Audio
• Support Two SATA Devices
  • Desktop AIO

Ultra Quiet

  • Noise approximately 30dB
    Preserve the Tranquility of your Home
    With the goal of enhancing the computing environment, the Wind Nettop Series adopts an advanced cooling technology that reduces the noise level from 30dB (average) or more to an inaudible level, a noise level quieter than that of the average computer system. It offers a true noise-free comfort even during heavy game playing or intensive computing applications.

Ultra-Low Power

  • 16X Smaller than Standard Desktop Processor
    To avoid wasting earth resources and reduce environment waste, MSI Wind Nettop Series is powered by the ultra-low-power Intel® Atom™ processors. The thermal power is only 4W which delivers a 16X reduction in power consumption compared to standard desktop processors and 9x reduction in power consumption compared to laptop processors.
  • Save about 90% on Electricity
    Full Speed Operation at only 35W
    Built around Intel®’s Atom™ processors, the Wind Nettop Series has an excellent electronic circuit design which only consumes 35W at a full speed operation. Compared to the 300W power consumption of general desktop computer, Wind Nettop Series can save about 90% on electricity even when users use the computer for over a 24-hour period.


Save the Earth

  • Environmental Protection
    Wind Nettop Series saves 258 trees per year!

    The full speed operation of Wind Nettop Series is only 35W. Compared to the 300W power consumption of general desktop computer, Wind Nettop Series can save up to 265W on electricity.
    * Yearly electricity saving: 265Wx24Hx365Days = 2321 KWh
    * Reduce carbon dioxide emissions for each year: 2321 KWh x 0.501= 1163Kg
  • According to research, a tree can absorb 4.5kg of carbon dioxide. Wind Nettop Series can save 258 trees per year. 1163 Kg / 4.5Kg = 258 Trees
  • Compared to a 300W computer, MSI Wind Nettop Series can even save so much electricity and make such a big contribution to the Earth. Everyone can buy a power-saving MSI Wind Nettop Series for long-term use. Simply turn off the high-power-consumption main computer and boot it when executing high-load applications, this will help save more energy and money.




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