Great Value and Entertainment Experience

Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
‧Intel® Atom™ Processor D510
‧Intel® NM10 Express Chipset
‧Discrete Graphics ATI® Radeon HD 4330
‧320G Hard Disk
‧VGA output  / HDMI output
‧Full HD Entertainment Function

  • Desktop AIO

Wind Box DE500 

Great Value and Entertainment Experience


Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium

Norton™ Internet Security, 60 days trial

Norton™ Internet Security 2010 delivers fast and light comprehensive online threat protection. It guards your PC, your network, and your identity without slowing you down. MSI recommends you to install Norton Internet Security to start your protection now.


Full HD Entertainment Function

The DE500 understands High Definition regardless its size. The 1080P Full HD display function can show you what “realism” really is by putting you right inside the classiest theater.

HDMI Capability

The DE500 offers the high resolution and multi-media HDMI function, so you can choose to enjoy the widescreen experience at anytime. The accuracy of colors and images will leave any viewer totally speechless.


7.1Channel Audio Output

The latest 7.1 Channel Audio Output offers a multi-channel and surrounding experience while playing a media player or gaming.


Wireless Internet Connection

Wireless Connection with the IEEE802.11n standards can achieve up to 150Mbps, automatically searches for the best internet connection in the region.  


Just 4.7 Liters in Volume

The DE500 is only 4.7 liters in volume that is only 1/5 compared to the 20 Liters traditional home computers.  


Low on Energy and Noise

The DE500 is not only effective on function, it also emphasizes on being environmentally conscious by saving energy. It only takes up to only 35W while fully operating as oppose to the 250W of the traditional computers, while being quiet as the library at 26 decibels.


Gigabit LAN High Speed Transfer

The Gigabit LAN provides a stable and high speed transfer of files for the DE500, while insuring a smooth transaction of images, music, or sounds over the internet without delay. 


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